OnlyFans Stats, Users, Earnings Analysis

OnlyFans Stats, Users, Earnings: An In-Depth Analysis


OnlyFans has emerged as a revolutionary platform in the realm of online content creation. Its unique approach to content monetization has not only attracted millions of users worldwide but also reshaped the dynamics of the entertainment industry.

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OnlyFans is a popular adult-oriented content subscription service that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. According to the search results, here are some statistics related to OnlyFans users, earnings, and content creators:, exploring its user demographics, content creators, revenue models, and much more.

OnlyFans Stats

  • OnlyFans has over 210 million registered users.
  • The platform has over 2.1 million content creators.
  • The average OnlyFans creator earns $151-$180 per month.
  • The highest-earning content creators on the platform, also known as OnlyFan’s highest earners, can make over $100,000 per month.
  • OnlyFans charges a 20% commission on creators’ earnings.
  • The top 1% of OnlyFans creators earn 33% of the total gross merchandise value, while the top 10% earn 73%.
  • OnlyFans has paid more than $2 billion to its creators

History of OnlyFans

Founded in 2016, OnlyFans has quickly escalated to become a major player in the online content market. We’ll trace its journey from inception to becoming a household name, highlighting major milestones that have defined its course. The popular subscription-based social media platform has experienced significant growth in recent years.

User Demographics

User statistics and geographical spread, offer insights into the diverse community that makes up this unique platform.

As of 2024, the platform has over 210 million registered users and more than 2.1 million content creators. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including the global pandemic, which increased online activity.

Content Creators on OnlyFans

From fitness trainers to musicians, OnlyFans hosts a wide array of content creators. We’ll explore the profile of typical creators and the variety of content available on the platform.

Revenue Model of OnlyFans

The subscription-based model and how earnings are distributed among creators and the platform.

The average subscription fee on OnlyFans is around $7.20, and the majority of accounts earn less than $150 monthly. The earnings distribution is quite skewed, with the top 1% of creators earning 33% of the total gross merchandise value and the top 10% earning 73% of it. In 2021, creators made $12.5 billion in gross merchandise volume, with the top 1% earning $4.125 billion.

The platform primarily features female content creators and is frequented mostly by male subscribers, with most subscribers aged between 35 and 44. OnlyFans is also known for its wide range of content types, including fitness, culinary arts, and more, although it is predominantly recognized for adult content. The platform is available in many countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, and others, though it’s unavailable in some countries like South Africa.

Earnings Insights

What can one realistically earn on OnlyFans? We’ll delve into the earnings of top creators and discuss what an average creator might expect to make.

Here’s a summary of some key statistics about OnlyFans as of January 23, 2024:


  • Global Gross Revenues:
    • 2022: USD 5.55 billion
    • 2021: USD 4.8 billion
  • Global Net Revenue:
    • 2022: USD 1.089 billion
    • 2021: USD 932 million
  • Global Profit Before Taxes:
    • 2022: USD 525 million
    • 2021: USD 433 million


  • Registered Users: Over 210 million
  • New Users per Day: Around 500,000
  • Average Subscribers per Creator: 21


  • Total Paid Out to Creators: Over $5 billion
  • Average Creator Earnings: $150-$180 per month
  • Median Account Earnings: $180 per month
  • Top 1% of Creators Earn: 33% of total revenue
  • Top 10% of Creators Earn: 73% of total revenue
  • Highest Earners: Can make $50,000+ per month, with some exceeding $1 million annually

Other Interesting Stats:

  • OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of all transactions.
  • The average OnlyFans subscription costs around $7.20, with $5.76 going to the creator.
  • There are over 300 creators who earned more than $1 million in 2021.

Challenges and Controversies

No platform is without its challenges. We’ll explore the legal, ethical issues, and moderation challenges faced by OnlyFans.

Impact on the Entertainment Industry

OnlyFans has had a significant impact on mainstream media and the entertainment industry. This section compares it with traditional media platforms.

Technology and Innovation

What technological features make OnlyFans stand out? We’ll look into the platform’s features and upcoming enhancements.

User Experience

How user-friendly is OnlyFans? Here, we discuss the platform’s navigation, interface, and community engagement features.

Creators on OnlyFans keep 80% of their earnings, with the platform taking a 20% commission. The site has been particularly empowering for those in the adult entertainment industry, offering a more lucrative and controlled environment compared to traditional adult entertainment studios.

Safety and Security

Marketing Strategies – Social Media Integration

How does OnlyFans promote itself? This section delves into its marketing tactics and brand partnerships.

As for social media integration, OnlyFans receives substantial traffic from platforms like Twitter, which contributes 63.74% of the site’s social media traffic, followed by Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube. The United States is the largest user base for OnlyFans, followed by the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Statistics Information

  • OnlyFans does not release official data on all aspects of its platform, so some of these statistics are based on estimates or surveys.
  • The earnings potential for creators on OnlyFans varies greatly and depends on several factors, such as content type, audience engagement, and marketing strategies.

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