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Barbie World: TikTok Trend

Where did this TikTok trend start? “Barbie World” was originally a song written and composed by Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj and American rapper Ice Spice from Barbie: The Album, the soundtrack of the film Barbie (2023).

A trend was started in TikTok because of this movie song. This speaks volumes of the song and the movie. It gives You an opportunity to get into that pink dress or gown you have been saving to wear.

Use the track to show off your Mattel-inspired fits, decor, food — really, anything and everything pink!

The Origin of Barbie

Decades ago, in 1959, Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel Inc., introduced the world to Barbie. This was inspired by watching her daughter play with paper dolls, Handler recognized the need for a more realistic and sophisticated fashion doll for young girls. Barbie was named after Handler’s daughter, Barbara, and she quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Evolution of Barbie

Over the years, Barbie has evolved to reflect changing societal norms and diversity. In 1963, Mattel released Barbie’s first African American friend, Francie, followed by diverse Barbie dolls of various ethnicities. These strides in representation were groundbreaking and showcased Barbie’s commitment to inclusivity.

In recent times, Barbie’s influence extends beyond the world of fashion. She has played various roles, ranging from an astronaut to a surgeon, encouraging young girls to dream big and pursue any career they desire. Her diverse range of professions empowers children to envision limitless possibilities for their future.

The allure of Barbie extends to adult collectors who admire the doll for its nostalgic value and artistic representations. The Barbie collector’s community is a vibrant and passionate group of individuals who treasure rare editions, limited releases, and vintage dolls. Some collectors even create custom-made outfits and accessories to personalize their Barbie dolls.

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