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Oh my goodness, I love this question – Trend

“Oh my goodness, I love this question” trend on TikTok

The “Oh my goodness, I love this question” trend on TikTok could be a trend where creators respond to questions or prompts either from their audience or from a trending sound clip with the phrase “Oh my goodness, I love this question”. Here’s how the trend might work and why it could potentially become popular:

The sound from actress Lola Tung, and lets users discuss the questions they’ve been waiting to answer. 

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This audio is also taking over the social media application. In the audio, a girl (Lola Tung) is answering a question with the phrase “Oh my goodness, I love this question!

In this trend, TikTok creators might be engaging with their audience by taking interesting, funny, or thoughtful questions from their followers or from popular culture and starting their response with the phrase “Oh my goodness, I love this question”. This phrase helps to create a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere, encouraging more users to participate by asking their own questions.


  1. Setup: Creators could set up a video where they are prepared to answer questions. This could be a sit-down video, or perhaps something more dynamic with changing backgrounds or interesting visuals.
  2. Question Selection: Creators might select questions that are either trending, highly requested by their audience, or personally interesting to them.
  3. Response: Creators then respond to the question, starting with the phrase “Oh my goodness, I love this question”. The response might be sincere, humorous, or a mix of both, depending on the creator’s style and the nature of the question.
  4. Engagement: Followers would be encouraged to ask their own questions in the comments, potentially to be featured in a future video.
  1. Positive Interaction: This trend fosters positive interactions between creators and followers, encouraging a friendly and enthusiastic community atmosphere.
  2. Personal Connection: This trend can help creators to build a personal connection with their audience, as they are directly engaging with their followers’ questions and thoughts.
  3. Flexibility: This trend is flexible and can be adapted by a wide range of creators, from those focused on comedy to those focused on education or lifestyle content.
  4. Viral Potential: Like many TikTok trends, this one has the potential to go viral, with many users participating and adapting the trend in their own unique ways.


While as of my last update I don’t have information on a trend with this exact phrase, it’s always possible that it could emerge as a popular trend in the future. TikTok trends often involve community engagement and creative expression, and a trend based

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