Kardashian Copycat' Trend

The Rising Trend: “Kardashian Copycat”

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Unpacking the ‘Kardashian Copycat’ Phenomenon In the recent episodes of The Kardashians on Hulu, an interesting squabble unfolds. Kourtney Kardashian claims Kim imitated her D&G style, which Kim retorts to by mentioning how Kourtney seemingly replicated her wedding style. Kim highlights, “My wedding was in Italy. Does that mean you imitated me by choosing Italy too? Andrea Bocelli was my wedding performer. Guess who Kourtney had? Andrea Bocelli.” This soundbite has taken TikTok by storm. Users are creatively adapting it to showcase instances where they felt someone mimicked them, whether in jest or in earnest.

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♬ Original sound – CocoDevile

Mastering the ‘Kardashian Copycat’ Trend The key to this trend lies in impeccable lip-syncing. It’s all about repetition; rehearse until you perfect the lines along with the required sass. It’s crucial to maintain a high content quality bar. While TikTok trends might appear straightforward, they often involve multiple takes (We needed around ten for our video on this trend!)

Some creators are nailing it in a single take, adding text later during editing, while others employ the greenscreen effect to demonstrate examples of mimicry. Determine your angle and go for the approach that resonates the most.

Potential scenarios for this trending audio include:

  • Spotting a colleague with an identical lunch
  • Discovering someone replicating your unique work
  • Being an Art Deco fan before it became mainstream
    @hayleykiyoko That awkward moment with matching not-so-great shirts!

♬ original sound – CocoDevile

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