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TikTok trends

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  • #Flossing: This is a dance move that involves moving your arms and legs in a rhythmic motion. It is often done to the song “Floss” by D-Block Europe.TikTok trend #flossing refers to a dance move that involves swinging your arms and hips in opposite directions while simultaneously swinging your legs in the opposite direction to your arms.
  • The move was popularized by the Backpack Kid, who performed it during a Saturday Night Live performance with Katy Perry in 2017. Since then, the move has become a popular dance trend on TikTok, with users creating their own variations and incorporating it into their videos. The trend has also spread to other social media platforms, with users sharing videos of themselves flossing on Instagram and Twitter.
  • #Silhouette: This is a trend where users create videos of themselves silhouetted against a light source. The videos are often set to dramatic music or sound effects.
  • #Reel: This is a new TikTok feature that allows users to create longer, more cinematic videos. Reels can be up to 60 seconds long and can include music, effects, and other creative elements.
  • #Duet: This is a feature that allows users to create videos that are synchronized with another user’s video. Duets are often used to create comedy or commentary videos.
  • #Reaction: This is a trend where users create videos reacting to other videos. Reaction videos are often used to express opinions or emotions about other content

Here are some additional trends that are gaining popularity:

TikTok is a constantly evolving platform, so it’s always worth checking out the latest trends to see what’s popular.

  • #AdoptMe: This trend is all about the popular Roblox game Adopt Me, where players can adopt and raise a variety of pets. TikTok users are sharing tips, strategies, and showcases of their Adopt Me worlds.
  • #ThePinkStuff: The Pink Stuff is a multi-purpose cleaning paste that has become a viral sensation on TikTok. Users are sharing videos of themselves using The Pink Stuff to clean everything from their kitchens to their cars.
  • #IntoLemmeChill: This trend is set to the audio clip “Lemme chill, lemme get out of here.” Users are using the sound to describe situations where they need to take a break or leave.
  • #WassupGwayy: This trend is set to the song “Wassup Gwayy” by Famous Sally and YB. Users are creating videos of themselves and their friends dancing to the song and showing off their close bond.
  • #OliviaRodrigoDance: This trend is inspired by a dance that Olivia Rodrigo did with her best friend Conan Gray to her song “Get Him Back!” Fans and TikTok users are recreating the dance in their own videos.

Other popular TikTok trends for October 2023 include:

  • #ThriftFlips: Users are sharing videos of themselves thrifting for clothes and accessories and then flipping them into new and stylish pieces.
  • #MakeupHacks: Users are sharing tips and tricks for makeup application, from how to create a natural look to how to do a full glam makeup look.
  • #ComedySketches: Users are creating short, funny videos that often involve relatable situations or pop culture references.
  • #PetVideos: Users are sharing videos of their pets doing funny or adorable things.
  • #FoodTrends: Users are sharing videos of themselves making and eating trendy foods, such as cloud bread, dalgona coffee, and TikTok feta pasta.

5 of the most popular TikTok trends today, September 15, 2023:

  1. The “Maybe I’m in Love” trend. This trend involves users lip-syncing to the song “Maybe I’m in Love” by Jack Johnson while showing clips of themselves and their significant other.
  2. The “Secret Phone Reveal” trend. This trend involves users showing each other photos on their phone of people based on fun prompts (e.g. current crush, the rudest person you know, etc.), documenting each other’s reactions without showing the photos to the camera.
  3. The “80% of My Time” trend. This trend involves users lip-syncing to the song “80% of My Time” by The Lemonheads while using a text overlay to show what they spend “80% of their time talking about”, in other words, what they’re obsessed with.
  4. The “Adopt Me” trend. This trend involves users highlighting strategies and showcasing their worlds in the online multiplayer video game “Adopt Me”.
  5. The “Dance Challenges” trend. This trend involves users performing dance challenges to popular songs.

Trend: Oh my goodness, I love this question- September 12, 2023

  • Oh My Goodness, I Love This Question” Trend This trend involves lip-syncing to a sound clip from an interview with the cast of the Netflix show “The Summer I Turned Pretty”. In the clip, Lola Tung, who plays Belly, says “Oh my goodness, I love this question! Uh, I think…” Users then add a text overlay to describe a situation where they would be extremely excited to discuss something

  • “Tired” Trend This trend involves posting a video in slow motion with a sound clip of someone saying “tired”. Users then add a text overlay to describe themselves and what they’re tired of.

  • “Girl Dinner Filter Trend” This trend involves using a filter that shows you different options for a “girl dinner”. Users then react to the options in the video. The most popular variation of this trend is with the spin “stopping the video when I would eat the whole plate”, although some people are using it as a way to choose what to eat next/choose what to make their loved ones eat.

  • “I, Am An Autumn” Trend This trend involves using a sound clip from an episode of the TV show “Gilmore Girls”. In the clip, the characters Richard and Rory are talking about the seasons. Richard says “So… what’s the verdict?” and Rory replies “I, am an autumn.” Users then add a text overlay to describe their love for autumn or their autumn vibes.

  • “Adopt Me” Game Challenge This trend involves playing the online multiplayer game “Adopt Me” on the Roblox platform. Users then post videos of themselves playing the game, opening eggs, and taking care of their pets.

  • “The Pink Stuff Cleaning Challenge” This trend involves using a cleaning product called “The Pink Stuff” to clean household items. Users then post videos of themselves cleaning with the product and showing off the results.

These are just a few of the TikTok trends that are popular in September 2023. The trends are constantly evolving, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new!

Here are some of the influencers who are involved in these trends:

  • @emilyjeffri, who started the “1987 Horror Movie
  • @itsvictoriarenee, who is known for her “Tired” trend videos
  • @girldinner, who created the “Girl Dinner Filter” trend
  • @lorengray, who is known for her autumn-themed videos

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