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Brix Models is a dynamic model agency dedicated to creating powerful connections between high-profile influencers and forward-thinking brands. We specialize in crafting bespoke partnerships that resonate with today's digital-first audience, leveraging our deep network of talented influencers across various niches - from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to seamlessly link brands with the perfect influencer partners, ensuring a synergy that amplifies brand messages, drives engagement, and achieves marketing objectives. We believe in the power of influence to transform brand perceptions and consumer behavior.

Ratliff Sisters

“The Ratliff Sisters
Sisters” is a vibrant and engaging Instagram page run by three charismatic sisters – Ava, Bella, and Clara. Each sister brings her unique style and perspective, making their content diverse and appealing to a broad audience. Their Instagram feed is a colorful tapestry of their adventures, fashion choices, and everyday life, reflecting their personalities and their strong bond as sisters.


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